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Chris Dolley's Journal

An English author living in exile

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I'm an author, a pioneer computer games designer, an amateur detective and the man who convinced Fleet Street that Cornwall had declared independence.

The Books

I write SF mystery thrillers. My first novel, Resonance, was published by Baen in November 2005, picked up by the Science Fiction Book Club and entered the US SF&F bestseller charts in December that year.

Praise for Resonance

"Resonance is a tremendously accomplished book ... and immediately raises Dolley into the ranks of writers to watch. It's a head-over-heels romp through ever-changing realities, crammed with great set-pieces, excellent hooks and some nice one-liners."
- Keith Brooke, Infinity Plus

"I loved Resonance ... the writing is clever, the concepts are ingenious, and the characterizations are first class."
- Jerry Wright, Bewildering Stories

"Read other folks' reviews if you want spoilers, but I say: just get it and read it."
- Michael H. Payne, SFWA Book Reviews

What's it about? Click here to read more. The first half of the book is available online to read for free.


My second novel, Shift, is coming out in hardcover on July 3rd, 2007 - also from Baen. It's an eleven dimensional thriller with a detective who has to get into the mind of a killer - the hard way.

To read more about, Shift, click here

Sample chapters are available online.

Pioneer Computer Games Designer

I formed Randomberry Games in 1981. Designing Necromancer, one of the first 3D first person perspective dungeon games.

I also wrote the most aggressive Chess program ever seen and created the most dangerous game ever played.

International Freedom Fighter

In a stunt for Plymouth Rag Week I convinced the UK media that Cornwall had risen up and declared independence. The stunt was so successful that the 1974 General Election result was pushed off the front page. And it was written up in Punch.

Read the full story about the Free Cornish Army here. As I told the police, 'it was only a small country and I did give it back.'

Amateur detective

My memoir Nous Sommes Anglais tells how, abandoned by the police forces of four countries when my identity and life savings were stolen, I had to solve the case myself - which I did in one of the most bizarre investigations ever.

Think A Year in Provence with Miss Marple and Gerald Durrell. It has everything: true crime, animals behaving badly, and a 'boy' detective with an eighty year-old sidekick.

And I'm serializing it here on the blog.

There's More?

I'm also the author of the famous Kitten's Guide series. Click the link if you like cute kitten pictures and funny stories.

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