chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

Kai Update: The Spy in, the wash and the wardrobe

Again, thanks for all the healing vibes and promises of tuna. They're all working. Kai's continuing to progress well. He's not eating enough on his own yet - so we're supplementing his intake - but he's a lot livelier and he's started purring again.

But just when we thought our Kai washing days were over...

We heard a large thump on the lounge ceiling. Thinking Kai must have knocked something heavy over, we ran upstairs, opened the bedroom door and ... found nothing. Kai was wandering along the floor doing the kitten equivalent of an innocent whistle. Nothing to do with me, guv.

I scanned the room. No furniture overturned. No sign of a disturbance. And then I saw what is best described as a 'code brown' situation at the base of our wardrobe. Our five foot high wardrobe. Little grey cells cranked over. That thump - could it have been Kai jumping down from the top of the wardrobe? Surely not? Three days ago he couldn't walk without dragging his right leg. How could he jump five feet?

I walked over to take a closer look. And found a large sticky pile of what can only be described as conclusive evidence of Kai's presence on top of the wardrobe. And, forgetting his training as an international kitten of mystery, he'd walked it all over the top of the wardrobe too.

As I told Kai on the way to the bathroom, not only does James Bond have to wear a plastic cone around his neck when he gets shot but he also has to have a bath when he soils himself. Those bits just get edited out of the film.

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