chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

Triple Triplets!

Lambing officially finished at eleven this morning with ... yet another set of triplets. That's three out of four giving a grand total of eleven lambs this year - enough for a football team (or soccer, if you're from the left side of the pond)

Here's one of the latest arrivals - barely two hours old - learning the joys of a good nuzzle.

Here's one of the older triplets demonstrating how useful mother's are - especially when the hay net is just out of reach.

It doesn't take lambs long to realise that the warmest, most comfortable bed is their mother's fleece. In a month's time most of our ewes are going to have lamb hair:)

And finally we have a lamb demonstrating what the best dressed lambs are wearing this year - thigh high brown boots with matching eye and nose markings.

For the interested, the lambs are Suffolk crosses - a Suffolk ram crossed with a 'sheep of the region'.

Tags: animals, baby, cute, lambs, sheep, suffolk

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