chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

It's a Mystery

Well, my mystery novel An Unsafe Pair of Hands is now officially re-read, revised and printed, and awaiting a long sea journey to New York to visit an agent.

Which now leaves me with a trilemna - do I keep my mystery writer's hat on and go into book two of the series (already outlined); do I don my SF hat and go with book two of the Shift series (also already outlined and first two chapters completed); or do I go eschew all book twos of series that I haven't sold yet and finish outlining a standalone SF novel, the idea for which came to me last week in a dream?

And can I sustain a 100k novel about peeing?

That was a joke by the way (see post from a few days back) Everyone knows that you can't get more than a novella out of...

Pause while waiting for the tablets kick in ... And I'm glad I finally got around to working on An Unsafe Pair of Hands again. I wrote the novel nearly two years ago and besides sending it off to the Sara Ann Freed Memorial Award (Warner's first mystery novel competition - where it was a finalist) I've largely ignored it. As soon as Baen made an offer on Resonance my attention switched and the novel was as good as trunked. Of course if history repeats itself Baen should now make an offer on Shift.:)
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