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Winter finally arrived on Wednesday. Just as we were getting used to minimum night-time temperatures of 10°C along came ten inches of snow, biting Arctic winds and a drop to -9°C.

Which, in a way, was a good thing. Too many of our trees and bushes were beginning to think it was Spring. Our currants were out, as was our wisteria. Now perhaps they'll return to dormancy and have enough buds left for March.

Just to show how crazy the climate has been, in the South of France apples blossomed in December and now - come the frost and the return of Winter - there are orchards full of tiny wizened apples.

At least it wasn't that bad up here. I fear for my currants - an affliction for which there is no known medication - but we have had the benefit of exceptionally early broccoli - we've been picking since December and have had about five or six meals from them.

So, snow ... and here are the piccies.

This is our field looking down towards the Little Sheep House on the Prairie.

And these are the occupants of the Little Sheep House on the Prairie. They are not amused. Grass is for eating, not for covering in white stuff.

Tags: france, gardening, photos, sheep, snow, winter

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