chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

Foodia - The Miracle Weight Loss Bacteria - Now with added E. Coli!

This NEW Natural Weight Loss bacteria is 100% natural and provides RAPID and NATURAL Weight Loss without diet or exercise.

Its unique dual action both suppresses appetite and encourages the body's natural food ejection processes*

Yes - Gastroenteritis - Nature's way of shedding those unwanted pounds.

Take just one pill in a glass of dirty water and ... RUN! You will be AMAZED at the results.

Our testimonials speak for themselves:

"I lost ten pounds in three seconds!" - Big Ron from Albuquerque.

"Where's the bathroom!" - an unknown but very fast woman in a car park in Maine.

Foodia - now with added E. Coli. (As seen briefly on Oprah)

* Known to the scientific community as 'projectile vomiting' and 'I wouldn't go in there for five minutes.'

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