chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

Another Day, Another Convention

I think I might add another convention to my 2007 diary. A trip to Dublin to attend the Phoenix Convention (aka P-Con IV) on the weekend of March 11/12 2007.

I've spent most of this morning working out the trip from Normandy to Dublin. Amazingly you can fly from Dublin to Paris for under 4 euros! Ok, there are taxes on top of that (fuel tax, a whip round for the pilot and a tenner for the French traffic police to look the other way when we land on the autoroute) ... but it still means I can fly to Dublin and back for 55 euros.

And it looks like a good place to cut my con teeth. Kim Newman, Charlie Stross, Ken MacLeod, Dublin, pub quizzes.

Tags: author, books, conventions, dublin, p-con, p-con4, sf, tour, writing
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