chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

My Legs: Driving Animals Wild for Half a Century

I did a lot of sheep handling yesterday - I'm a smallholder so I'm allowed to say things like that - and consequently my clothes acquired a ripe sheepy smell. It's tupping time in sheepland so everyone is extra musky.

On my return to the house I suddenly became very popular with the cats. Of course my legs have driven animals wild for half a century ... but this was unusual. Kai leapt on my lap then pushed his face into my thigh and rubbed first his right cheek then his left along my leg. I'd seen dogs do this - our first dog, Zaphod, was a master* and loved nothing better than a roll in a rank smelling piece of ground - but I'd never seen a cat do this. Kai became frenzied, throwing his face down on my legs, pushing with his back legs, and biting my right knee (where the smell apparently was the ripest)

After I wrestled him off, Xena jumped on and started doing the same. I had to leave swiftly and run upstairs while I still had a trouser to change.

Normality - or the state which passes for it in our household - has now returned.

*see tomorrow's post, 'A Dog, a Mother and a Dead Whale,' for the ultimate smelly dog tale.

Tags: cats, dogs, humor, humour, pets, sheep, smell
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