chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

Five Go-old Kittens

No partridges, no pear trees but plenty of kittens for this week's Kitten Picture Wednesday. But first a progress report: The Ginger Five are getting bigger and stronger and ... almost housetrained. Well, they passed a night without passing anything else on the floor. Thank God for dual litter trays!

But - there's always a but - they are now becoming far bolder and more inquisitive. First contact with our other two kittens has been a mixed affair. Kai, the male, is curious about them but apprehensive. And prefers to run away if they get too close. Xena, the female, is out most of the time doing important things like negotiating border disputes with sheep and chasing grasshoppers, but when she does see them there is a modicum of hissing and spitting. A large modicum.

Gypsy, our half deerhound, half crocodile giant lurcher doesn't like them at all. But then she doesn't like cats. They bring out the police dog in her. Don't run around, keep away from my bowl, sit over there and BE quiet! And if that doesn't work she looks hurt and howls.

Now the piccies.

First up, we have 'adopt me, I'm a little lost kitten'

Next we have a natural-born Thumper impersonator trying to get those front legs to work on tiles.

Then we have a kittenwalk model in the making showing how this year's look is spiky hair.

Next, aspiring kitten models are told that all supermodels have to be wormed. It's why they're cranky. And before they can be wormed they have to be weighed.

One prospective kitten model disputes the scales. I can't weigh that much!

Meanwhile Kai and Xena decide that, with the floor awash with gingers, the only safe place for a discerning teen kitten is the ceiling.

Tags: cats, dogs, ginger, humor, humour, kittens, pets

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