chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

The Creature From A Very Small Box.

It's Kitten Picture Wednesday with the emphasis on - The Pictures. With Xena off planet conducting delicate First Contact negotiations with the woolly aliens, Kai decides he wants to be a movie star. First up we have stills from his screen test for the new Hollywood Horror blockbuster: The Creature From A Very Small Box.

Not sure if he was frightening enough in the first take, Kai decides to play the scene upside down.

Then looms towards the camera for the close up.

Next, we have Kai's audition for the new Disney live action version of The Lion King - provisionally entitled The Lion Kitten.

Next, Kai tries his paw at action thrillers playing the escaped puma in - It Came From Just Underneath The Ceiling.

A seething Kai tries out for the new reality show - France's Next Top Kitten Model. Perhaps he shouldn't have eaten just before the take.

"I am a size 6!"

And finally, a long day over, Kai relaxes in his fleecy bed

Tags: cats, films, humor, humour, kittens, movies, pets

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