chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

Kittens and Lambscapes.

Yes, it's Kitten Picture Wednesday and first up we have Kai showing how a professional kitten model keeps his pose even when being attacked by a vampire kitten.

Next up we have Kai practising vampire kitten counter measures - aka boxing. Purists will note the perfection of Kai's guard - left paw tucked in to protect the chin, right paw preparing to jab. Yes, Kai's a southpaw.

Now, we have some outside shots as Xena discovers sheep. The sheep are amazed. For the curious, the ewe is called Scrappy- she's a 'mouton de la region' (i.e. unknown local breed) Her two lambs are Suffolk crosses. Our ram, not shown as he was probably flying F-14s over the Gulf at the time, is a pure Suffolk called Harmon Ramm - yes, we watched far too many JAG episodes.

Here's a lambscape showing First Contact - a nose sniff between Xena and the boldest of the lambs. Behind the lambs you can see one of our many granite boulders, two plum trees, and our sheep field sweeping up to the wooded Taille (centre and left). The Taille is a granite tor that was quarried for stone in medieval times.

First Contact was interrupted by Second Contact - the arrival of Saffron our 16.1 hands French Trotter who wanted to sniff noses with both Xena and the lambs. The latter pair took one look at the size of Saffron's nose and decided that that was a nostril too far and beat a hasty retreat. Here's a horsescape from a calmer time, showing Saffron and Rhiannon in the early morning haze. Our land is bounded by the curving lane to the right, the woods to the centre and the maize field to the left.

Tags: cats, farming, france, horses, kittens, lambs, pets, sheep

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