chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

Another excellent review

This time from KC Heath at Yet Another Book Review Site. Needless to say I like it:)

Looking for something original? I haven’t read anything like this before! RESONANCE is cool, cutting-edge science fiction. It is a keen mystery, keeping the main character—and the reader—moving through London, even dodging bullets and bombs, trying to find out who is trying to kill Graham Smith and why.

Graham is no ordinary man. As you begin to read, you ask yourself: is this guy retarded? –OR- is there something wrong with his world? This story is intriguingly bizarre. Example: Graham carries notes in his pocket so he will know where he lives—sometimes he comes home from work and his key doesn’t work. A check at the note in his pocket says he lives elsewhere. He doesn’t remember moving. Ah, but it gets worse. One day Graham comes home from work and a strange woman greets “her son”, demanding to know where the groceries are. Graham reaches into his pocket, and instead of bringing out the business card someone gave him earlier, he finds a grocery list he’s never seen before. Later that night, Graham slips out the window to talk to Annalise Mercado, a very weird young lady who says she is a “medium” who can talk to the dead, and they tell her the world will end if anything happens to Graham. We find out later that both Annalise and Graham have mis-defined the way their world works. Graham is sure it is unravelling, as sure as Annalise is that she talks to the dead. They come up with other ideas, yet still they are both wrong: the truth is awesomely more horrifying than their imaginations. Together they make a great team, but against the exponential forces against them in this creepy world, there seems little hope.

RESONANCE should win an award—it is that good. Everything from characterization to world-building, to editing, plot and use of real science theory are excellent examples of what the craft of writing is all about. Highly recommended (especially for readers who want to believe that even a “nobody” can make an influential contribution to the world).
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