chrisdolley (chrisdolley) wrote,

"An Exceptional First Novel"

Another good review, this time from Robert M. Tilendis at Rambles.

Here's an excerpt:

"Resonance has already gained a bit of notoriety. It is the first book published from Baen Books' electronic slush pile, and has received high praise. It is, after all is said, an exceptional first novel, although I don't know that I'm unreservedly enthusiastic. It's not a page-turner from the beginning, as some have claimed. In fact, the first third is rather slow. Once the story picks up, however, Dolley proves himself adept at blending the action and the structure: Graham "flips" between universes, and the reader flips with him, giving a strong sense of Graham's disorientation. The narrative, which could have become incoherent, becomes kaleidoscopic and the pace, in the final pages at least, breathless."

The full review can be read here:
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