June 9th, 2010

International Kittens of Mystery

Book Title Help Required

With the publication of Nous Sommes Anglais less than a month a way, doubt has arisen over the title. Will people see the title, assume the book's written in French and ignore it?

I'm beginning to think quite a few people will. What do you think? 

One solution is to emulate other expat memoirs and add a subtitle. Another is to change the title altogether. I've been bouncing ideas around the BVC collective and here are the front runners. Do they work for you? All comments and suggestions welcome.

French Fried: One Man's Move to France With His Wife, Too Many Animals and An Identity Thief 
Nous Sommes Anglais: Mystery and Mayhem in the Pyrenees
Nous Sommes Anglais: Mystery, Mishaps, and Animals
Nous Sommes Anglais: One Man's Move to France With His Wife, Too Many Animals and An Identity Thief   

The full title would only appear in listings. The book cover would have French Fried or Nous Sommes Anglais as the title, with the subtitle as a much smaller tag line.