April 27th, 2010

International Kittens of Mystery

Short Update

Lambing: Well, lambing is almost over. We had a single lamb two weeks ago, now we're waiting on a ewe lamb who may or may not be pregnant. All will be known in a fortnight. 

Nous Sommes Anglais: I've started work on the re-write/polish. Hopefully, it'll be ready for release around July. It'll be coming out through Book View Cafe as an eBook and maybe, if there's enough interest and we can keep the price low enough, as a paperback.

Book View Cafe: One of my jobs at Book View Cafe is sub-editor of the newsletter. We've just finished this month's so if you want to see what we've all been up to (most of which seems to be collecting awards or nominations:) take a look here.

New car: New as in 'new to us' not brand new. Seeing as our car is turning 16 this year and no longer a child, we've decided to splash out on a 'new' car. And the winner is.... A Nissan X-Trail. It's six years old and fairly high mileage but the price was good and it's a 4x4 so we can use it on the smallholding to haul logs and hay. It's also our first car with central locking, and child locks, so I expect to be locked in or out at regular intervals. It even has electronic seat warmers so there's plenty of scope for 'interesting' things to go wrong. 

The Garden:Spring has sprung and everything is sprouting except the broccoli which succumbed to the hard winter. Lots of cherry, peach, plum and pear blossom at the moment. Apples to come later. If only our bees were here. We're still waiting to hear when our hive be ready to take delivery.