May 20th, 2008

International Kittens of Mystery

Kai Update: Tuesday

First the good news: He's stopped bleeding. He's a lot perkier - he no longer lies around all day with his eyes half-lidded looking as though he's about expire any second. And he doesn't need to see the vet until next Wednesday when he'll have his stitches taken out. So the prognosis is good.

Now the not so good news: He's still not eating so the two hourly gloop feed continues. And he's incontinent. Which, when all your wounds are around the tail and inside of the back legs, is not good. Which means he has to be washed. And cat washing is not fun at the best of times - throw in a bad leg, a broken tail and antibiotics that loosen the bowls ... and you take 'not fun' to an undreamt of level.

The vet has switched his antibiotics so hopefully the situation will improve.

*Postscript News Flash*

Kai has at last started eating by himself - tempted by tuna:)