May 17th, 2008

International Kittens of Mystery

Kai Update

Thank you for all the healing vibes and virtual hugs.

Kai managed a full body stretch this morning but is still not interested in food. We tried to tempt him with various meats and scrambled eggs but he turned his nose away. So it's back to feeding him by syringe every two hours - that's a syringe sans needle which we use to squirt creamy gloop onto his tongue. A long fraught process which isn't popular with cat or human. His next appointment with the vet is on Tuesday morning.

As to the cause of his injury we're not sure. At first we thought it must be another cat but cat fights tend to be very loud, yowly affairs and we heard nothing that night. And we're people who sleep with the window open and who are trained to leap out of bed at the first yowl of a cat fight. Click here for one of our more memorable cat fight adventures.

The vet thinks it might be a mink or polecat as the attack was so vicious and the teeth so sharp.

As a precaution we decided it would be wiser to keep our other cat - Xena - in at night. But cat's called Xena don't take to being grounded too well and Tuesday night she broke out by unlocking the cat door. Then she didn't come home for breakfast the next day. So you can imagine the state we were in on Wednesday morning. We had a listless Kai still bleeding from his operation the previous day and no Xena.

She waited until the evening and then strolled in as though nothing had happened. We locked the cat door again that night and placed a heavy box in front of it. She broke out - galloping away on horseback and ululating wildly. Cats!

Of course, now we've relented and leave the cat door unlocked, she stays in all night. Cats are contrary beings:)

Now I'm off to watch Pompey win the cup.