August 13th, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

Perseids - anyone else see them?

For countless years the Perseid meteor shower has come and gone unobserved by me - I forget, the weather's cloudy, or I fall asleep. This year I saw them. By accident.

When I went to bed the sky was overcast, the outlook was poor and I was resolved to pass on the opportunity for another year. Then several owls and two kittens decided to intervene. At 1 am. So, wide awake, I thought I'd open a window and have a look - just in case. And was rewarded with a cloudless, crystal clear sky. No moon, no mist, not even a shimmer amidst the million points of light. The Milky Way was prominent and - flash! - there was the first meteor. A small line racing across the sky to the south east for a quarter of a second. I watched for about five minutes counting six meteors - all in roughly the same area, most carving the same course.

Definitely worth the effort. The kittens and two of the owls agreed.