July 25th, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

Author Tea - Web chat

I'm doing a web chat at noon EST (that's 6pm CET, 5pm BST and 9am PST) today. It's my first ever visit to a chat room - so there's plenty of chance for me to get lost amongst the virtual furniture and maybe even fall out of the window. But I'll be there for a couple of hours - maybe longer if I can't find my way out.

The site is here and you enter the chat room by entering a name at the top right of the page.

Apparently it's a moderated chat using UserPlane and here's a few of the guidelines I've been given:

In the blue colored box, you will type in your comments and responses. Please only type in TWO lines at a time. The program automatically cuts off after two lines and does not tell you where it stopped. You will see your whole post, but others will only see part of it. You transmit by clicking on SEND or hitting ENTER on your keyboard.

If what you have to say takes more than two lines, just type … before you hit SEND. When you've finished, type DONE.

We'll chat informally a few minutes until guests arrive. When five guests show or it is 12:10, the moderator will formally begin the chat by explaining how the chat works and announcing the following rules:

* To ask a question, type ? The moderator will call people in order.
* To make a comment, type ! and the moderator will call on you as convenient.

The moderator will briefly introduce you, then pass the chat over to you for your own opening comments. In the meantime, she will start taking requests for questions. You will see other people popping up with ?--just keep typing in your opening comments.

When you say DONE, the moderator will call on questioners. You answer questions, say DONE and themoderator calls on the next. If the audience runs out of questions, the moderator will ask some. You are also welcome to interject other comments.

So if you'd like to chat you know where I am. I might even bring an international kitten of mystery with me.