June 26th, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

Last minute rush.

Well, it's officially our wettest May and June ever. I was going to add that luckily our house is on high ground with free draining soil but luck had nothing to do with it. Our rule 4 of house buying has always been 'never buy a property close to a stream - no matter how small it looks or how pretty.' I've seen what small streams can turn into.

In between the rain, I've been packing for my US trip, writing the first three chapters of my fantasy detective, writing several bios for Westercon, Readercon and P-Con, researching information for the panels I'm on, panicking, and printing off maps and schedules for my trip. The latter not helped by the fact that my flight from San Francisco to Boston just been split into three hops - I now go via Charlotte and Philadelphia. I'm hoping that maybe US Air might split the Charlotte flight and make me fly via Boston:) Well, you can hope.

And progress is being made. I've almost finished the first three chapters. As usual despite intentions to write it all as one first draft and not rework as I go, I've relapsed. Stories evolve during the writing process and inevitably 'improvements' made in chapter three will impact on chapters one and two. And so I've been reworking and honing.

And will be taking the synopsis and first three chap to the US to hone some more. It'll give me something to do on all those airport layovers.