May 2nd, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

Counter Mouse Insurgency

With Household Security issuing a brown (mouse) alert, it's been a busy time for international kittens of mystery, Kai and Xena. Here we see the feline two sizing up a dangerous situation. Enemy mice, for there are no other kind, have been sighted holding illegal gatherings under this cupboard. Time for some non-covert kitten surveillance.

Having size up both the situation and her shoulders, Xena decides to move to the side entrance. Kai having sized up very little, prefers the direct approach. No exceedingly small gap can defeat a kitten with determination.

Two dislocated shoulders later, Kai squeezes where no international kitten of mystery has ever squeezed before. Or ever will again, thinks Kai. The insurgent mice - those that haven't been squashed or wedged up against their terrorist training manuals - flee the building pursued by Xena.

His job done, agent Kai emerges. 'Nothing to see, folks. Move along.' Five minutes later the International Kitten Of Mystery extraction team arrives with their extra large tub of grease.