April 6th, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

Shift Galleys

Just as I was honing option three of the Shift back cover blurb along comes the Shift galley proofs. Shift weighs in at 322 pages and now I have some extra reading to do over Easter.

And outside it's looking very spring-like - most unexpected for a bank holiday weekend which normally heralds rain, gales and flocks of ice bergs.

And the hedge is finished - Yay! We planted about 50 metres of mostly beech and hazel with the odd holly and ash. All the plants grown by our own fair hands - we collected seeds and seedlings from our woods and grew them in a nursery bed for two years - fighting off drought, squirrels and crows. So hopefully I've offset enough green brownie points to cover my flight to the US this summer:)