March 24th, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

Crime Fighting Sheep

Villagers of Tetbury in England have turned to sheep patrolling the streets to reduce crime. And if you don't believe it the BBC video is here.

It's the usual story: lack of police on the streets, an increase in opportunistic petty crime, the desperate call for armed livestock to be drafted in from local farms. But history teaches us that, though more sheep on the streets may cut crime in the short term, what happens when you ask the sheep to leave and they don't want to go?

I'm reminded of Britain just after the fall of the Roman Empire. Ravaged by pillagers, the ancient Brits looked to the continent and invited flocks of woolly-coated Angles and horned Saxons over to protect them. More came. They liked the place so much they decided to keep it for themselves and drove the Brits to the far western hills. Even Arthur couldn't stop them for the sheep pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Even Excalibur.

I hope I'm wrong but in the meantime the villagers of Tetbury are overjoyed with their woolly protectors. They've rigged an arc light on the green that points a powerful sheep-shaped beam of light into the sky. And a red Sheep-phone has been installed in the village pub. But reports that a large woolly rocket-powered tractor has been seen in the area have been dismissed as fanciful.