February 28th, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

A Kitten's Guide to 24 Series Seven.

Jack Bauer is having another one of 'those' days. You know 24 hours of torture with his family - and this time it's not even Christmas. To make things worse, dogs have got hold of a bone shaped nuclear weapon and are threatening to destroy the biggest cat food factory in the world.


There's more. President Palmer has again appointed an evil Vice President who wants to overthrow him and seize power. You'd have thought that after the last three Vice Presidents had tried to kill him he would have learnt but, no, the lure of the first ever human-dog presidential ticket was too much and Spike - an American Pitbull - is the new VP.

And of, course, there's a mole in CTU. A real mole who's chewed through the power cables and rendered communications impossible. That is until Chloe, frowning grumpily, manages to reconfigure a passing satellite and link CTU to the world's last best hope - Kai and Xena - international kittens of mystery.

Below we see Jack Bauer briefing Kai and Xena.

Kai is told to make for nearest high ground and await a CTU field team who are flying in to collect him. Below we see Kai watching the helicopter approach.

The helicopter hovers above the rooftop and a rope ladder is thrown down for the international kitten of mystery to climb. Kai takes one look at the rope ladder and decides that international kittens of mystery prefer to board their helicopters from the ground. And sit on the pilot's lap.

Below we see Kai walking down the roof and away from the rope ladder.

As Kai is whiskered away to help Jack save the world, Xena helps Chloe set up the filter protocols - and find some old friends at the same time.

The CTU field team set up a perimeter around the terrorists' last known location and send Kai in through the cat flap. The world holds its collective breath. Are the terrorists still there? Will Kai be okay?

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. The camera zooms in. Kai's being given a hard time by a chair with terrorist sympathies. There's no way Kai can tackle the terrorists without subduing the chair first. But will it be too late...