February 21st, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

A Kitten's Guide to Looking Cute while Unconscious

It's a competitive life as a stunt kitten and today we reflect upon last year's European Cute Kitten Olympics. Some say it was Kai's finest hour - usually Kai.

First up we have the kitten superstar demonstrating the stretch, smirk and ear curl. Always a crowd pleaser, the judges nearly squeed themselves and awarded 5.9s across the board for execution and solid sixes for artistic interpretation.

And if you think that was good, here we see Kai in the compulsory figures. A reverse half pike with twist. And probably several other twists as well. Remember, kittens, do not try this at home. Kai is professional stunt kitten and even he wasn't sure how he managed it.

And here we have Kai in the freestyle competition demonstrating 'SuperKitten Flies!' Note the dramatic pose, the ballet toe point, the perfect line to the outstretched front paw, the tucked in back leg and ... turn, eyes close and ... hold.

And finally we have Xena and the Last Tribble in the asymmetric pairs competition. The pose being demonstrated was called 'The Cuddle.'