January 31st, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

A Kitten's Guide to Snow

Snow is not fun. Snow is for dogs and woolly heffalumps and animals that like to fall over in the cold and wet. Snow is not for kittens.

If you see any - it is white and lives outside on the ground - contact your human immediately. Tell them the sky has broken and it's time to find the off switch. If they deny all knowledge of weather control, tell them you've seen them use that switch that turns the sun on inside the house. Humans may say they have no control over the weather but we kittens know different. They use it against us ALL the time.

Weather too hot - human's fault (fur envy). Weather too wet - humans keeping us indoors. Snow - a human-dog conspiracy to find out where we go at night (footprints, people!)

So, here we have Kai demonstrating the kitten-approved method of dealing with snow: head down, pained expression and disguise your footprints by walking in other animal's tracks.

Next we have Xena showing what to do when there are no tracks to follow: head down, pained expression and a muttered mantra of 'human, you will pay for this next time my claws need sharpening.'

And, finally, we have Xena demonstrating the practised look of disapproval should a snowball fight break out.

Who threw that!