January 10th, 2007

International Kittens of Mystery

Helping Out Around The House: A Kitten's Guide

This week's Kitten's Guide looks at housework and the many ways that only a kitten can help.

First up we have Kai demonstrating the kitten-approved method of sorting through the shopping. There are many dangerous foodstuffs that humans appear unaware of. Fish, meat, milk, little bitey snacks - all have very short shelf lives and should be consumed immediately.

Next we have Kai helping to put the milk away. Strangely, the human seems to think that Kai's trying to pull the milk out of his hand. But that's humans for you. Always suspicious.

Xena, with an excellent view of the incident, explains that Kai's claws may have held on to the milk for slightly longer than normal - but that was only because he was reading the sell-by date on the carton.

Next we show the manufacturer's recommended method for defrosting a fridge.

All the contents must be carefully investigated before removal - to do otherwise would be anarchy. Sampling is allowed - if the day has a Y in it.

And, finally, we have Xena showing that, when it comes to bath time, it's up to the older kittens to help wash the younger ones.