December 28th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Home Alone: A Kitten's Guide to Fending for Oneself

A seasonal Kitten's Guide this week and one brought about by the disappearance of the sensible human who had to spend Christmas with her mother - leaving Kai and Xena at the mercy of a human whose crowning Christmas achievement was to set fire to himself on Boxing Day (if you must, you can read an account here)

As Law and Order and several of the better known laws of physics break down, kittens must do their best to observe the Old Ways. And one of these Old Ways is the Meal Time Pecking Order. See how Kai cleverly positions himself in second place in the pecking order to lick out Gypsy's bowl - in front of the mouse but around the corner in case Gypsy takes exception to the audience.

And note his alert but non-threatening stance.

Next, Xena demonstrates the sensible kitten's answer to household turmoil - stay in bed. It's warm, out of the way and a good place to hide in case volunteers for house cleaning are called for.

And keeping out of the way is an excellent strategy when Kai is using the breakdown of Law and Order to experiment with new ways of falling off high places.

Note the crossover placement of the front paws. This can mean only one thing - a forward roll with twist dismount. A 3.3 tariff for both degree of difficulty and the Richter Scale when he lands in a heap.

Kittens, do not try this at home. Kai is a stunt kitten with a full medical plan and a large number of extra lives.