December 20th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Helping Out in the Kitchen: A Kitten's Guide

Following on from last week's Kitten's Guide to Camouflage, this week Xena and Kai help out in the kitchen and show just a few of the many ways a kitten can aid the process of food preparation.

First up we have Kai demonstrating the art of choosing the right garlic.

Note how Kai tests the firmness of the garlic bulbs with his claw. Also note the perfect choice of location. Out of the cook's way and perfectly positioned to oversee the kitchen so as not to miss out.

Next Kai and Xena demonstrate the 'Too Many Cooks' rule.

Full marks for concentration but none for position. This is a risky manoeuvre that, more often than not, leads to temper tantrums from the cook - humans are very excitable about food - followed by the kitten, or kittens, being escorted from the kitchen.

Next, we have Kai and Xena showing the importance of cleaning up after your human - preferably when they're not looking.

Another risky manoeuvre - 90% of all kitten accidents happen in the kitchen - and one that often leads to the example below: Kitten Helper being escorted off the premises.