December 13th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Shift Cover

The cover for Shift has just been released and here it is:

I don't who the artist is yet but I'll find out. I suspect it may be Alan Pollack - he did the artwork for Resonance.

For those wanting to see if the picture matches the blurb (and it does) take a look

For spoiler reasons, I won't reveal the significance of certain aspects of the cover - but they are there and if you read the book you'll notice them too:)

I'm really pleased. There's always a degree of apprehension when awaiting cover art. Will you get the infamous Men Gambolling in Pink Tights cover* or some strange concoction that bears no relation to the book you thought you wrote. I've had two covers from Baen now and both are great.

*Pink Tights Cover: I forget the title but the story was a sword and sorcery novel - lots of magic and sword play - and the cover had men, dressed in pink, skipping through the woods, arm in arm.