November 28th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Book Dates, Tours and Conventions

A busy summer beckons as ... the book dates are out! The paperback of Resonance is coming out in the US on May 29th and the hardback of Shift on July 3rd.

So, quandary, where shall I go and when? My current thinking runs thus: push the paperback in the UK in mid June (the UK is predominantly a paperback market) and visit the US in early July to promote both books.

UK publication dates are usually 14 days after the US, so I'd expect Resonance to be in UK shops around June 12th. I'll follow a few days later. I'm not sure where or how long I'll be in the UK for - but I've provisionally pencilled in the week Jun 14-21. The long process of arranging signings, interviews etc will start in the New Year. All and any suggestions of venues welcome. I am a flexible.

For the US, my thinking is slightly different. I'd like to line up a convention or two. I've had a quick google around the SF conventionsphere and come up with a few possibilities.

Westercon (June 30 - July 3rd) San Mateo, California.
Readercon (July 6-8), Burlington, Mass.
CONvergence (July 6-8) Bloomington, MN.
Inconjunction (July 6-8) Indianopolis.

I've never been to a convention before so I'd welcome any recommendations or comments. Are there any cons I've missed or should miss?

I've provisionally pencilled in a week for the US tour but, as everything else in my life except meal times, it's flexible. Again, I'll add signing venues in the New Year. Do they have rover tickets in the US? Those 'travel anywhere you want for a week' type of tickets that an 'I'll go anywhere to sign a book' author could use to criss-cross the States?