November 15th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

In Search of Buried Tribble.

The Tribbles may have gone but the memories linger. Kai decides a search party to find the Tribbles is just the sort of thing a cat of his curiosity should organise. And the first place to look has to be this large bag of cat snacks. Just the kind of place a buried Tribble would hide.

With Kai's head buried in kibble of various snack-flavoured shapes and sizes, a quick reminder of what a Tribble looks like. Here are three of them in a bowl.

And when it comes to buried Tribble, Xena demonstrates the Tribble Council approved method of burying one. A light squashing to keep them warm and toasty. The paw across the nose, however, is optional.

Kai demonstrates the wrong way to bury a Tribble. And, as the Tribble Council point out, after Pea v Princess the 'I didn't realise you were in the bowl with me' defence doesn't wash any more.

Cue happy ending: Kai finds his buried Tribble and uses a Tribble Council approved grappling manoeuvre.