November 1st, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Tribble Training Camp

It's a tough life for the modern tribble and training can't start early enough. Here we have The Last Tribble at his private gym practising his moves on the 'furry toy suspended from a chair.' Always a favourite.

But sometimes you can't beat gnawing a chair leg.

After the chair session comes the floor exercise. And if the floor's too hard you can always co-opt a human leg or two. Now work those stomach muscles with the tribble spine twist and opposable paw touch.

And rest...

And more rest. This time with all the family. Book spotters will be interested to see the bookshelves in the top left. Not product placement, I assure you, but don't those books look familiar? The bottom two are the hardback copies of Resonance, the middle two are the ARC (Advance Reader Copy aka bound galleys) and the top two are the SFBC book club edition.

And, no, Kai is not a ring-tailed lemur - he just likes impersonating one.

International Kittens of Mystery

The Astraldome tomorrow: An interview with fantasy and mystery author, Sarah Hoyt

Yes, last minute touches are being applied to internationally famous medium Doris Scrote. The Salvador Dali Llama is being greased up and Windows ESP is ... displaying a blue screen and blaming everyone else.

But I'm sure all the kinks - and any other sixties supergroups we find lurking in the astral plane - will be ironed out by tomorrow.

So, tomorrow at the Astraldome - be there or be ... somewhere else. It doesn't matter. An astrally projected author can find you wherever you are.

And this one writes about werepanthers.