October 26th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

A Cry For Attention

The weather continues to amaze and astound. It's late October and outside it's 22°C (72°F). And, inside, we've only lit the fire once this autumn. Which is unheard of. Normally we have four or five fires in September and by mid-October we're lighting the fire every night. But not this year. Even when we lived in the South of France we never had an autumn this mild. Most of the trees are still green and the tender plants are muttering 'frost, what's frost?'

Personally I put it down to attention seeking. Weather has decided that after all those long boring Ice Ages when no one talked about him, it was time to hire a publicist. Hence Global Warming. Not a build up of man-made carbons but a cry for attention.

Of course, I might be wrong:)