October 25th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Too Fast to be Perfect.

I tried to take an action picture of Kinky Tribble in mid climb but, as usual, she was too fast, swerving at the last second. It's difficult to hold your nerve and a camera when the fastest tribble in the West is racing up your clothing. Almost the perfect kitten picture. If only I'd had a wide-angle lens.

The debate on who was at fault for the last picture turns nasty. "What do you mean it was my fault!" shouts Kinky at her fellow tribble supermodels.

With the departure of four tribbles for catwalks new, the last tribble is promoted to the big bowl. Xena folds back her left ear to make room.

And makes him feel welcome at night.

The Last Tribble is settling down very well. He eats, sleeps and plays with Kai and Xena and knows all the really small places a tribble can run and hide under when the big kittens get too rough. It's going to be another wrench when he leaves in a fortnight's time.

Kai, meanwhile, is auditioning for a new role in the garden. A role on a pole. He's not sure if he sees himself as a weather-kitten or a scarecrow.