October 5th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

The Guardian, The Good Life and Parsnips

Kittens continue to grow and so, apparently, does the blog which is now available via the Guardian Abroad (the online international version of the The Guardian)

You've gotta love it when someone writes:

"....Yours was recommended to us as great writing so we've put it up there."

Having a quick peruse of their site (www.guardianabroad.co.uk) I see that they've picked up 19 blogs from the expat blogosphere and I'm number fifteen.

And, with Petite Anglaise, I'm listed under Bon Vivant: Fine wine, food and entertainment. Not sure about the fine wine - ours usually comes in five litre containers - but I'll have a go at the rest. Especially if I stretch the meaning of bon vivant to 'someone living the Good Life à la Richard Briers and Felicity Kendall. But in Normandy, France - not Normandy, Surrey.

Hmmm, seeing as I'm now rubbing shoulders with Petite Anglaise maybe I should spice the blog up?

Well, I did surprise my wife with a giant parsnip yesterday...

(pause while ratings soar)

I couldn't believe it when I dug it up. We have deep, sandy soil and have grown good parsnips most years but this was a monster. Two feet long, fifteen inches in circumference and well over a kilo. And it was the first in the row. God knows what the others are like. Another pause, this time for an educational announcement which may be of interest to prospective expat gardeners: parsnips are one of the few English vegetables that can thrive in the hot, dry summers of Southern France. While the Runner Beans shrivel and the Swedes wilt, those deep-rooted parsnips hold their heads high and keep on growing.

Go, parsnips.