October 3rd, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

And Still We Were Five

Well, we all survived the night. The smallest of the kittens still looks a bit slow but he is eating now and the kitten with REALLY bad diarrhoea now has ordinary, put away the protective suits and the steam cleaning hose, diarrhoea.

But ... no one will take them! We tried the neighbours - they're already above complement. We've alerted the schools - still to hear back. We tried the nearest cat sanctuary - they're full up. We tried the nearest three SPAs (Society for the Protection of Animals) they're all full and suggested we tried the Mairie. The Mairie said - it's not us, try the police. The police said - we only deal with dogs. The dogs said...

And so we still have them. We're going to try the markets next. Shelagh's going to sit next to the chicken and rabbit sellers with her box full of free kittens. I'd do it but, with my scruffy gene, people would forget about the kittens and just throw me their loose change:)

International Kittens of Mystery



In our drive to re-home the Ginger Five (see previous post) we found a thriving Anglo-Norman forum and posted a plea for help ... only to have the post deleted five minutes later as we'd broken French Law.

French Law? And I quote: All advertisements must include the tattoo or microchip numbers of dogs or cats being offered or, if they are too young, the number of their mother.

Which rules out every abandoned cat or dog you find on the street! What are you supposed to do? Check for a tattoo and then walk on by? People who dump their pets on the roadside don't usually stop to tattoo them first.

And we were giving the kittens away not selling them!

Pause rant for breath. No good deed goes unpunished. Sigh. So that rules out adverts in the local press.