October 2nd, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Just when we thought it was safe...

I still can't believe it. We took Gypsy out for a walk yesterday afternoon and found an abandoned ginger kitten on the roadside. Six months earlier we'd found another kitten in the exact spot, a month before that we'd seen another. If ever there was a location for an invisible kitten gooseberry bush this has to be that spot.

So we picked up the kitten and thought - well, we might be able to fit a third kitten into our household. If the other two didn't object.

Then, a hundred yards further on, we found another three. We couldn't walk by. They were very young, very weak ... and they were kittens.

But we couldn't adopt another four. Or five. Just as Shelagh had mastered the four kitten arm juggle, we found a fifth in a log pile fifty yards further on. Gypsy was beside herself. Life with two kittens was bad enough but seven!

And trying to juggle five kittens in your arms and walk half a mile home was ... interesting.

Now we're desperately trying to find homes for them. I knew I shouldn't have started Kitten Picture Wednesday:)