September 27th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Xena Quarrier Princess

Kitten Picture Wednesday's roving explorer, Xena, makes her first visit to our medieval quarry. Granite from the quarry is said to be have been used in local cathedrals - and probably our farmhouse as well. Now it's a woody hill - somewhat lower than it would have been a thousand years ago and strewn with massive boulders and rocky outcrops.

Xena poses in the dappled shade and works out where to go next.

An old apple tree looks like a good place to explore.

Though she wasn't too sure about how to get down. Surely one of these branches has got to reach the ground?

A strange alien creature looks on, impressed. The alien is a Counou (a French naked necked chicken)

Meanwhile back at home, Kai insists he's not going outside without protective clothing.