September 6th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Kitten Dressage, and a Kitten Close Encounter With A Curious Ewe.

Yes, it's Kitten Picture Wednesday and first up we have Kai executing a perfect half-pass (the Dressage sideways walk thingy) across the top of a very large boulder.

And to prove just how large that boulder was (and that no safety nets were used) we let the camera pan back.

It's that boulder again. This time Xena is showing how useful boulders are when conducting First Contact negotiations with strange woolly aliens. Kai watches from a safer distance.

For the curious, the house in the background is our Little Sheep House on the Prairie (or house number three of our village) Originally - 16C - it was thatched. By the time we bought it in 1997 it was abandoned and roofed in rusty corrugated iron - we even found WWII British army ration packs in the attic. Then, in 1999, the Boxing Day Hurricane decided the corrugated iron and all the roof timbers looked much better on the ground. So we had to rebuild and re-roof it ourselves. To the right of the house and just above the sheep's ears is the ruin - house number four and the first house built on the site. It's incredibly small and built on top of small rocky tor - using the bedrock in the walls. The sheep now use it as a shelter. Out of sight and behind the house is our fontaine - pure spring water fed from the surrounding granite hills.

And this is Xena deciding that, with no boulders to hide behind, discretion and a swift retreat is the better part of valour when it comes to a curious juvenile woolly aliens.

Finally, we have Kai in his tree, as opposed to his normal state - out of it.