August 30th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Kitten Video Wednesday

Yes, for the first time on Kitten Picture Wednesday we have video. It's only a small one - a few seconds of the kittens playing - and it's not a big file (a 530kb QuickTime movie with 320x240 frame size) but it's a movie and it's got kittens in it.

The plot: Xena has to make a run for the house while Kai lies in wait across her path. Will Kai's leap from the rock stop Xena? Where's Gabrielle? And will there be a sequel?

For those interested in the setting. The two buildings in the background are both a couple of hundred years old. The stone cottage (or house number two of our village) we now use as a stable.

The movie can be seen here:

Now the pictures. First up we have those bowls again - it's the best way to keep the kittens still.

And talking of stills, here's one from yet another attempt by Kai to snag Xena as she runs past. Either that or he's practising his swimming stroke for next year's Kitten Olympics: