August 26th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Kitten Proofing

It's trying times at the fermette at the moment as Kai, our male kitten, has learned how to open cupboard doors. This is something that none of our previous pets mastered and is causing great consternation. Every morning we come down to find cupboard doors open and a cat upside down in a large bag of dog biscuits - with only his tail protruding. Gypsy is beside herself.

We tried placing a heavy weight in front of the doors. That worked for two days. Then Xena, his female accomplice kitten, found a way of prying and squeezing until she edged the weight aside. In went Kai with his extra-sensitive lock-picking kitten claws and the door flew open. Result: both kittens now have free access to our range of cupboards.

Until today. Because out came the tool belt, in went the drill, several screws and a stout latch. It's not something I wanted to do as the range of cupboards is also home to our stash of chocolate and, I don't know about you, but I like a fast route between me and my chocolate. You never know when you need that extra square. And a stout latch is a speed bump on my road to happiness.