July 10th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

I am even more beset my animals

Ten days into life with two new kittens came ... a new horse - a 4 year-old French Trotter mare called Oree de Bassieres. If this trend continues - 12 legs added to the household within ten days - it'll be standing room only in the author's study by Christmas.

Life is fraught. The kittens, Kai and Xena, have taken to computers in a big way. The mouse is toast and the keyboard a tapping ground for two fingers and eight paws - often at the same time. Isxfgght zqswx - see what I mean.

Yesterday Kai reprogrammed Internet Explorer's font size - something I didn't even know was possible - making the text on all my webpages shrink to the near unreadable. I thought the Internet had implemented a space saving campaign. And that's not all, I spent the last week editing my mystery novel, An Unsafe Pair of Hands A week made even longer by having to edit out all of Kai's improvements. I'd be tapping away on my section, look up, notice the cursor had shot several pages back into the text and a large number of V's,W's, and X's had spread across the page - I suspect he was translating the book into Polish.

Thank God the horse can't type.

Aaargggh, splat!

I spoke too soon.