April 8th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

And the Chickens are Dancing in the (Streets) Cages

Why are the Chickens dancing in the Streets cages?

Because word has just come down from the French Govt that the nationwide house arrest (aka Bird Flu overreaction control measures) will end on the 31st of May. Our three chickens are jubillant and have called off their threatened egg strike.

On the lamb front - we had a boy and girl arrive Wednesday 10 pm and another boy and girl on Thursday 6 am. A busy night. 

The first four lambs are now out in the main field, terrorising their mothers and engaging in prolonged games of chasing, four-footed bouncing and leaping off three-foot high rocks. King of the castle is, as always, the game of choice and our field having plenty of granite tor outcrops and the odd ruin or two is THE location for all King of the Castle aficionados.