March 29th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Lambing Day -3 (preparation begins)

Three Days to go and the lambing camera is now up and live. Naturally the job took longer than expected as not only do we have to sheep and rain proof the camera we have to horse proof it well.

Quick explanation - the main lambing pen (Lambing Prime as it is called) is a stable with, you guessed it, a stable door. Well, the bottom half of a stable door, the top half being open to the elements and an ideal place to site a camera - good line of sight to the monitor we set up in the bedroom.

However we also have a horse who's curious about lambing and likes nothing better than to stand outside with her head hanging over the stable door. Exactly where our camera is. She also likes to nibble while she's watching and, there being no popcorn, has a tendency to chew on wood - like the wooden box we housed the camera in to keep the driving rain off.

So we've had to horse proof the box by draping it in coloured flapping plastic. Coloured flapping plastic being the most frightening thing known to horses. Or, at least, our horse who, if she sees a piece of silage wrap flapping in a hedge, will immediately relocate to a neighbouring county.

So, Lambing Prime is now being strawed down and hurdle pens erected.

Watch this space for updates.