March 10th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

The Great St. Vivien's Day Snippet Hunt

Yes, it's St. Vivien's Day again and there's another pesky snippet to hunt down. But don't worry, this is the final stage.

(If you've stumbled on this blog by accident and want to partake in the challenge avert your eyes now and go to Baen's Bar to find the first set of clues.)

Or you can cheat.

But to crack the Penultimate Clue, time travelling is required. So go back six days and subtract 1 from the number of days the stunt lasted. Then append the result to

Visiting that site will help you fill in the green and violet clues below.

Red:Think Julie Andrews, think the Hills are Alive. So, if a doe is a deer. What is me?

Pink is initially Chinese high energy zeppelins

Blue is someone who went 'Into the Looking Glass' a long time before John Ringo.

Green is the y of the first review (where y is like the third world but less - by about 1.76 pints I'd say)

Violet is the nth word of the third review (where n = the atomic number of arsenic divided by the number of flags)

There you will find the snippet. Happy St. Vivien's Day!