February 9th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Humor me

Well, I finally did it. I'd been toying with the idea for months - shall I, shan't I, every other author seems to have one. Then Forbidden Planet offered to host author sites for free so ... I bought a domain.

Naturally I considered chrisdolley.com and resonance.com. But I'm cheap and the .coms were too expensive (as mentioned before I live in one paw, one vote household and if I'd had my own .com then so would the cat, dog and probably six of the sheep)

So, I looked at .co.uk ... and then saw .me.uk. Immediately the child in me started making up a frighteningly large, and expressive, list of excellent wordplays using .me.uk domains. Unfortunately (or perhaps, very fortunately) all the obvious ones were taken. Yes, there really is a www. bugger.me.uk

But humor.me.uk was available so I grabbed it at the bargain basement price of £3 a year. Okay I know, technically, it should be humour.me but that one had gone and, hey, I'm a transatlantic author...

So, next thing is 'create the web site.' I had thought about copying over my existing web pages from my ISP host but decided to try something different. My old web site was pretty basic and plastered in primary colours. Perhaps I should try a redesign?

A quick footnote on colour schemes. I am the person who painted his bedroom lime green, orange and powder blue. And whose lounge had one purple wall, one orange wall, one lime green wall and a matt black ceiling. I am banned from most paint shops...

So I reined in my natural proclivities and aimed for something subtle ... and complex. I discovered Mambo and got sidetracked in its bells and whistles and spent far too much time deleting functions I had no need for and tying myself in knots.

The result is not quite ready but a website is emerging. If you want a sneak peek click on www.humor.me.uk/mambo/ and have a look.