February 3rd, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Baen buy Shift!

Anyone who doubted the repetitive proclivities of history (see my blog entry for 27 Jan) read on.

Of course if history repeats itself Baen should now make an offer on Shift.:)

Yay! My second book deal. No publication date for Shift yet but I'd imagine it'll be Spring 2007 - around the same time as the paperback of Resonance comes out. Which from a promotional point of view would be ideal - two books, one tour. I'd already planned to tour the UK with the paperback. Maybe I'll do the States as well? If I can get a visa that is. Is there a statute of limitations on insurrection? After all it was only the one revolution and quite a small country. And I did give it back. (see December blog for details)