January 22nd, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Nigerian Spam goes into Space

United Planets Refugee Camp
Lagos, Antares Prime.

Dear Sir/Madam/Other,

I am Kla'atu, eldest son of the late president of the Antarean Planetary Alliance. You may be aware of the financial dispute between my family and the present civilian Government.

Which is why, my good friend, I am asking for your humble and confidential assistance to take custody of AT$ 30,000,000 (THIRTY MILLION ANTAREAN DOLLARS) which my late father secretly deposited off planet. Myself and my mother will give 20% to the fellow helping us claim this very big consignment.

This letter will come to you as big surprise but rest assured, dear friend, your status as capable Godly personality is prominently listed in many Alliance directories. Hence I deem it fit to confide in you.

I am presently in refugee camp here on Antares Prime and can be reached on V-mail: Klaatu419@hotwomen.ant

Now, be advised, my friend, that in line with our operational master plan for this our mutual benefit business, your utmost confidentiality and secrecy is highly required.

My warmest regards to you and your many families,


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