January 6th, 2006

International Kittens of Mystery

Quantum publishing

Following on from yesterday's post about how my novel, Resonance, had attracted an unexpected co-author on Amazon's listing here the mystery is now solved.

I'd totally forgotten about quantum publishing. Because of the uncertainty principle you can't tell if Resonance is written by me or Timothy Zahn until after you open the book. Obvious really. And Amazon was right to be cautious all along. The world's a far stranger place than people realise...

Chris Dolley, author of Resonance ... possibly.

To read more about Chris Dolley, or possibly someone else, collapse the uncertainty and click here
International Kittens of Mystery

Instapundited ... again

This time it was the blog.

I MENTIONED Chris Dolley's book Resonance the other day, and it turns out that he's yet another science fiction author with a blog.

Don't miss his advice on how to create your own (fictitious) nation-state.

If only lj had a counter. I still have no idea if I'm blogging to hundreds or just my dog (being a lurcher she's highly intelligent and has her own patented paw-friendly keyboard.) The only inkling I had that traffic might have increased was a sudden surge in visitors to my home page - 95% coming from lj.

Anyone know of a cunning way to insert a counter into an lj account? A crafty script? A telepath?